Ralph Lauren SS16

If the Ralph Lauren SS16 collection were to be described in a few words, it would be marine chique. The very American red, white, and blue fit in well with the theme. It felt like it took place at the seaside. The entire runway’s color was white, this accentuated the vibrant colors of the looks perfectly. The geometric prints and different sizes of stripes also made it very clear that the inspiration for the show had to do with the marine. 48 looks walked on the runway and all of them were perfectly in theme in their own way. This collection is one of Ralph Lauren’s most literal collections, but it surely isn’t something to be mad about.

Runway rundown

The show started out with a two entirely white outfits, followed by the implementation of dark blue and stripes. a bright American red mixed in with the blue followed by a colorful sequence of looks that involved all of of the colors. That is how you would describe the next section of the show. It was a nice surprise among the stylish red, blue and white mixed outfits. After that colorful intermezzo the show went on with more white looks with brown accents. The following looks showed more brown. Beautiful blues and brown mixed together made a bigger appearance in the next looks. The show ended with a sequence of flowy dresses. The entire collection made everybody look forward to summer and going on vacation. In conclusion, the show very much gave the vibe of a summer vacation by the beach.

Sebastien Lewyllie took pictures of some of the runway looks. The result are photos that focus on the model wearing the looks, with the beautifully colored and summery outfits of the other models in the back.

Kate Grigorieva at the Ralph Lauren SS16 Milan fashion show.
Kate Grigorieva at the Ralph Lauren SS16 Milan fashion show in bathing suit with cut-outs.
Sanne Vloet at the Ralph Lauren SS16 Milan fashion show
Sanne Vloet with her runway look at the Ralph Lauren’s SS16 Milan fashion show.Clos-up at the Ralph Lauren SS16 Milan fashion show DSC_2230