Moschino SS16

Bella Hadid and her co-models backstage having fun

Moschino is notorious for Jeremy Scott and translating his crazy ideas into even crazier shows. Moschino SS16 ready-to-wear collection was presented during Milan fashion week. This year’s car wash couture theme didn’t disappoint. With “No parking, couture zone” and “Dangerous Couture ahead” written on road signs, the theme for this season’s fashion show was set. The runway didn’t look anything less than traffic in its purest form. Barricades, traffic cones, and a genuine bubble spraying car wash that sprayed were present. With accessories like lunch and toolboxes in hand and caution-taped shoes on their feet, the show was nothing short of details.

Runway Rundown of Moschino SS16

Even though the venue looked very eccentric, the clothes were the eye-catcher of the show. The first section of looks was all inspired by the safety jackets. Reflective stripes and neon colors made the correlation obvious. The second section of the collection started with a beige trench coat dress with an “open trench” sign on the back. The theme for this section was caution tape and construction work. The main colors were yellow, black, white, and alternating stripes in the previously mentioned colors.

The last section of the Moschino SS16 fashion show was the craziest of them all. The theme for this last section was rotating brushes of drive-through car washes. With long frills in miscellaneous colors on dresses, the models themselves were the ones that resembled the carwash brush. To sum up the show, it indeed was a car wash couture experience. The entire show was a crazy ride from start to finish, but we expected nothing less of Jeremy Scott.

We managed to get backstage and take some pictures of the models with their eccentric outfits and accessories. The result are backstage pictures that look exactly like a traffic scene, and we love the result to say the least.

Up-close detail of the accessories during Moschino SS16 during Milan fashion week
Aya Jones backstage at Moschino SS16

Hanne Gaby Odiele backstage for Moschino SS16

Sanne Vloet backstage at Moschino SS16
Close-up Bella Hadid outfit backstage Mochino SS16
Sanne Vloet backstage at Moschino SS16
Bella Hadid and her co-models backstage having fun
Bella Hadid and co-models having fun backstage moschino SS16
Bella Hadid up-close backstage at Moschino SS16
Amilna Estev√£o backstage at Moschino SS16
Up-close outfit backstage Moschino SS16